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Sister Amata Galligan: A Life Spurred On by Disaster

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Margaret Galligan, an Irish immigrant living in America, sits eating lunch with her Aunt on a long cruise back to her homeland of Ireland. What should have been a joyous trip is abruptly interrupted by two large explosions from a torpedo hitting the passenger liner she is aboard, the RMS Lusitania. Left adrift with her Aunt and clinging to debris from the wreckage, she promises to devote her life to serving others should she survive her current peril.

After her rescue and eventual return to America, she had a chance meeting with a member of the Dominican Sisters of the Sick Poor. She instantly knew that God had answered her prayers, and was reborn as Sister Mary Amata. She would go on to spend the rest of her life helping the sick, both young and old, in Ohio, Colorado, and New York. She was loved by many, and her devotion and resolve to help others was forged that fateful night in the Atlantic.

This special feature will showcase Sister Mary Amata Galligan through the records contained in the Dominican Sisters of Hope Archives. We have items including photographs, news articles, and letters regarding Sister Mary Amata.

COVID-19 Year in Review

The Year in Review Digital Exhibit details the pandemic, as it relates to the Hope community and the world at large. The exhbit contain born digtal material as well as recorded personal experiences from sisters and staff of the Dominican Sisters of Hope

This exhibit aims to preserve and promote the legacy of the sisters, whilst depicting the sisters' ability to minister and promote the mission of Hope throughout various periods in history, particularly difficult and tumultuous periods.

Year of Hope

In 1995 the Dominican sisters from the Newburgh, Ossining, and Fall River congregations voluntarily dissolved and joined together to found the new Congregation of the Dominican Sisters of Hope. This exhibit reflects back on the last 25 years of what inspired these sisters to live a life of hope everday.

The exhibit included the various leadership teams throughout the years, Chapter meetings (a 5 year gathering of all the sisters), the sisters' corporate stances, minitries they have been involved in and the development of the Mariandale center over the years.